Organisational Structure

At Central Power Installations Ltd. we work together towards a common vision
and seek efficient ways to serve our clients


Managing Director

Dmitry Pechenkin

Dmitry, was introduced to the company operations at the outset of its activities as Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Contractor having a small then existing team of 25 members and a small group of progressive foremen. Nowadays after 23 years of experience in the industry, he brings his knowledge of all aspects of contracting to his role as Central Power Installations Ltd Managing Director with a team of 120 people. Outside of work, he enjoys aggressive sports activities with capable people and spends time with his family

Engineering Department

Mario Vassallo

Mechanical Engineer

Ing. Mario Vassallo

Mario joined our team in 2021 to facilitate air-conditioning system and other essential mechanical systems while being a consultant on  design elements of installation to project management team on a daily basis.


Mechanical Engineer

Ing. Nicholas Attard

Nicholas joined Central Power Installations in 2008 and evolved his potential being an asset in various departments of the company which slowly made him an all-rounder in Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing, sector in every project of a larger scale tackled by the company these days.

head of maintenance

Mario Caruana

Mario joined Central Power Installations Ltd in 2006. Started as an electrician promoted to a Foreman. Nowadays he is in charge of the technical project back up at the commissioning stage followed by preventive maintenance contracts offered to clients after the hand-over of the contract. He runs an independent team of technicians whom he trains in-house on CCTV, Fire Alarm, Low Voltage and Mechanical Systems distributed and installed by Central Power Installations Ltd.


Project Managers


Project Manager

William Cauchi

William has joined Central Power Installations in 2011, as a maintenance Manager.  His role was to establish, organising and running of the maintenance and servicing department.  With his past experience in ELVs he was also in charge for any ELV installations from the designing, testing and commissioning of Fire Alarm, CCTV and Intelligent Lighting control systems. His hands on experience and dedicated attention to detail allowed him to move on as a Projects Manager focusing mainly on the ELVs and electrical projects and bring any project or task to its successful and timely inplementation with full satisfaction to the clients.

Ernest Briffa

lead/senior Project manager

Ernest Briffa

Having worked in technical supervisory and managing roles for the last 15 years, Ernest joined our company in 2018.  During these years, he gained experience in completing Full Turnkey Projects, including domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. As a fully qualified Senior Project Manager, Ernest is now managing Large Scale Industrial Projects that our company is entrusted with, always ensuring the best of service.

Project Manager

Mauro Xuereb

 Mauro joined Central Power Installations Ltd in 2019.  Being the youngest avid member of the engineering team he has shown a keen interest in ongoing projects with a flair for efficient and economical solutions to posed tasks and continuous cravings for achievements in his career with the next aim to obtain an electrical warrant and to contribute to further success.


qUantity sURVEYORS


QUantitySURVEYOR/ draftsperson

Balakumaran Thanigachalam

Balakumaran became a key player of Central Power Installations Ltd team from 2018 and managed to grasp the vital elements of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) sector and company procedures at once. These days he is actively involved in the tactical tasks on-site and at the office complimenting the project set up following up on multiple managerial tasks, technical drawings and site measurements.


quantity surveyor / draftsperson

Surenderan Amsaraj

Surenderan joined Central Power Installations Ltd in 2019. Adjusted quickly to site conditions and tried his hand in the installation practices on site which prepared him for the present task he successfully manages and offers his assistance on drawings and quantity surveying on company’s biggest projects. His craving for progress and uncompromising ACAD skills make him a promising member of every project we have.

Silvan Cassar (1)

Chief site supervisor

Silvan Cassar

Silvan joined Central Power Installations Ltd when he was halfway through his electrical installations apprenticeship. Silvan has gained a great deal of experience working on various projects across a range of systems. Now serving as our Chief Site Supervisor, Silvan is involved in running jobs for all company clients and overseeing our teams on site.


Mark Darmenia

Having entered operations a year ago, Mark has applied years of technical experience he had in the field to office work in his new capacity. Now largely involved with the procurement and logistics matters Mark has progressed into a managerial role and oversees our Purchasing and Procurement Department.  He generates new ideas with a practical view which facilitates the running of the department