Our maintenance concept is the comprehensive description of the maintenance constraints, considerations as well as plans to provide support to the operations of the system or equipment in the process of its use by our clients. Since our maintenance team is involved in the commissioning and setting up of the equipment at the final stages of the project, they take over the project for maintenance after the hand over to the client and thus we pave way to a new cooperation even though the project is completed and our contracting team moves to a new challenge elsewhere.


Preventive Maintenance is what we make the primary emphasis on. It is performed regularly on equipment or on the system or on the components of the system to decrease the possibility of failing. Furthermore, preventive maintenance will be performed while the equipment is still working, so the risk of unexpected breakdowns is minimised.

Preventive maintenance is an effective example of maintenance that is initiated or triggered for the inspection regularly on the critical equipment or the system. Our maintenance team is led by an experienced group of technicians and their consultants to resolve any kind of technical problems.

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